The AWS Purity Test has historically served as a segue from a complete noob to an AWS expert.
It's a a fun way for AWS devs to track their progress in the world of acronyms and cloud computing
that we spend the majority of our days in.

Caution: This is not a bucket list. Completion of all items on this test will likely result in bankruptcy.

*This is based off the original Rice Purity Test.

Click on every item you have done.

  1. Accidentally left an EC2 Instance Running?
  2. Has subscribed to Last Week In AWS?
  3. Has LinkedIn notifications turned on for Jeff Barr?
  4. Has an AWS golden jacket?
  5. Has complained about the AWS UI at a party?
  6. Complained about an AWS region going down?
  7. Had your AWS account hacked?
  8. Has turned on MFA for their AWS account?
  9. Uses AWS console in dark mode?
  10. Loves to rant about Multi-Cloud?
  11. Failed an AWS Certification Exam?
  12. Is subscribed to r/AWS on Reddit?
  13. Has used to slash AWS costs?
  14. Is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?
  15. Has completed The Cloud Resume Challenge for AWS?
  16. Knows who Corey Quinn is?
  17. Got Covid at re:Invent?
  18. Is a member of the FinOps Foundation?
  19. Thought about migrating to a different cloud, but didn’t?
  20. Thought about migrating to on-prem?
  21. Migrated to a different cloud?
  22. Migrated to on-prem?
  23. Migrated back to AWS after switching to another cloud?
  24. Has used Lambda?
  25. Has used Terraform?
  26. Set up a Kubernetes cluster?
  27. Saw Martin Garrix perform at re:Invent?
  28. Visited an AWS data center?
  29. Visited the AWS Seattle office?
  30. Had used GovCloud?
  31. Had coffee with Adam Selipsky?
  32. Shaken hands with Andy Jassy?
  33. Has worked with AWS for more than 10 years?
  34. Knows what ADFS stands for?
  35. Has worked for AWS?
  36. Had received an AWS themed gift?
  37. Has taken a selfie with Jeff Barr
  38. Has ordered a Cameo of Jeff Barr?
  39. Has worked with AWS for more than 5 years?
  40. Has argued with a friend that SAM is better than Terraform?
  41. Has bought a Corey Quinn T-Shirt?
  42. Has received $1,000 in AWS credits?
  43. Has received $5,000 in AWS credits?
  44. Has received $10,000 in AWS credits?
  45. Has received $100,000 in AWS credits?
  46. Has applied for an AWS credit extension?
  47. Who uses AWS startup credits anyways, we’re an EDP customer?
  48. Has had a friend or colleague double-take when you used the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) acronym?
  49. Has half your brain filled with AWS acronyms?
  50. Has woken up in the middle of the night to a billing alert email?
  51. Is an AWS community builder?
  52. Is an AWS Hero?
  53. Has joined an AWS User Group?
  54. Has joined an AWS Cloud Club?
  55. Founded an AWS Cloud Club?
  56. Has learned something new from re:Skill?
  57. Has joined the AWS Collective on Stack Overflow?
  58. Follows AWS on Twitter?
  59. Follows AWS on Twitch?
  60. Follows AWS on LinkedIn?
  61. Follows AWS on YouTube?
  62. Knows what Snowball is?
  63. Has told non-AWS friends about AWS Snowball?
  64. Has checked Twitter to see if AWS is down?
  65. Has checked HackerNews to see if AWS is down?
  66. Knows what AWS Snowcone is?
  67. Has disabled SSH access to all servers?
  68. Has used Firewall Whitelists to avoid those annoying bot entries in the log?
  69. Has sold an instance on the Reserved Instance Marketplace?
  70. Has bought an instance on the Reserved Instance Marketplace?
  71. Has read the Netflix Tech Blog for AWS tips and tricks?
  72. Has forgotten to set up granular billing alerts?
  73. Has used termination protection for non-auto-scaling instances?
  74. Has used a savings plan?
  75. Has used a 1-year Reserved Instance?
  76. Has used a 3-year Reserved Instance?
  77. Has overprovisioned resources with a Savings Plan or RI?
  78. Has underprovisioned resources with a Savings Plan or RI?
  79. Has pre-warmed ELBs when expecting heavy traffic?
  80. Has set up event subscriptions for failover?
  81. Has used AWS’s custom metrics?
  82. Has used ELB health checks instead of EC2 health checks?
  83. Has used IAM roles?
  84. Has used Fargate?
  85. Has used Amazon Chime instead of Zoom?
  86. Has used Amazon Workmail as their main email client?
  87. Has gone to at least one CNCF event?
  88. Has or currently uses Cognito as their user and password management system?
  89. Has created Slack alerts using AWS Chatbot?
  90. Uses AWS CodeStar?
  91. Knows that Lightsail isn’t as cool as it sounds?
  92. Has used Batch to run software jobs in Docker containers on EC2 machines?
  93. Has used AWS Outposts to run Amazon services in your own data center?
  94. Has used Elastic Beanstalk?
  95. Has been left unanswered for over 24 hours by AWS customer support?
  96. Knows what AWS Ground Station is?
  97. Has used AWS Ground Station?
  98. Has used AWS Snowmobile?
  99. Has forgotten that CloudTrail only retains logs for 90 days?
  100. Has thought that you were on the free tier but somehow you actually weren't?

Your score:

The lower your score, the more AWS experience you have.
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